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Q: Is Ellensburg Blue found anywhere else in the world?
A: No - while blue agates are found worldwide - Ellensburg blue agate is only found NW of Ellensburg, Washington USA
     Did you know. . .
       Washington State's gem is Petrified Wood &
       Nebraska's State gem is Blue Agate

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Typical Ellensburg Blue hunting grounds

Q: When hunting for blues, how much do you find? 
A: They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. . . so allow me to show you. . . (Click on the red links below)
A Typical Day of blues hunting
A Very Good Day of blues hunting
A Spectacular Day of blues hunting

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Q: Does ONLY Ellensburg Blue agates have a pinkish hue to it when held to the light?

(Is this how I can tell if it is genuine?)


A: No – this is a common myth. While Ellensburg Blue agate does have a pink hue to it, so does most other blue agate from around the world.


Q: Is Ellensburg Blue agate also found in Israel?


A: No – yet another myth – if blue agate is found in Israel, it would likely be called Israel blue!



Q: Do I have a blog?


A: Funny you should ask! www.ellensburgblue.blogspot.com/



Q: Is it better to mount my blue in gold or silver


A: Check out my blog (listed above) for a recent post and photo on this subject.

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