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© 2005 Blueagates.com - Ellensburg Blue Agate
Only one of these is Ellensburg Blue. . . . Are you sure?

© 2005 Blueagates.com - Challenge pic
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One of the four cabs in the above photo is NOT an Ellensburg Blue but rather a piece of blue lace agate valued at just a few bucks.
Can you tell which one?

You can find the answer on the Ellensburg Blue Agate Challenge page



Special Note from Blueagates.com


Caveat Emptor ~ let the buyer beware


Ellensburg Blue is often unidentifiable by even the trained eye, so know and trust the source... Regrettably due to it’s beauty, popularity, value and scarcity, the amount of “fake” Ellensburg Blue agate being sold on auction sites has reached an epidemic proportion. (Don't get burned!)


 I have recently seen blue agate worth just a few bucks, sold as E-blue for hundreds! ~ Regrettably, as they say, "there is one born every minute". Don't let this be you -


Be weary if:

        Beware of terms such as “old stock”, “estate” and “Ellensburg Style” as these terms frequently accompany fake or mislabeled E-blues.

        Tumbled and cabbed stones are particularly difficult to authenticate

        If the price is too good to be true – It’s probably not a blue!

        Money back guarantee IF you can prove it’s not real



Ways to protect yourself:

        Ask the seller for a written note of authenticity

  • Review the sellers “buy” history as far back as you can – Look for anything suspicious
  • Ask for a 150% money back guarantee ~ If the seller is sure it's genuine E-blue, they will have no problem with this
  • Wait to post feedback “after” you have had your purchase authenticated – Blueagates.com will soon be posting a select number of Ellensburg Blue agate jewelers (experts on E-blue) where you can mail your blue to be authenticated at a very nominal charge



Additionally – Blue agates.com will soon be posting a forum for authentic Ellensburg Blue Agate to be sold (linked to auction site of seller’s choice)


Note: While there are many reputable sellers of gems and minerals; unfortunately, there are a few scoundrels that warrant the need for this message.

© 2005 Blueagates.com - Ellensburg Blue Agate
One is real - one is not

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