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Ellensburg Blue Agate is only found near its namesake, Ellensburg Washington USA. First discovered by the Kittitas Indians who inhabited the area, and in 1913 offered this advice on finding the agates, one should “Walk with the sun over your left shoulder.”

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Kittitas Indians

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Ellensburg Blue Agate hunting grounds

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Colors of blue

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Beautifully cut by Will J.

Ellensburg Blue Agate began to draw attention circa 1930, thus beginning the search for this elusive gem that continues today.


What makes it unique and much sought after? The answers to this question can be summed up in several words. Scarcity, color range, variety, hardness and adaptability to a variety of settings.

The scarcity of the stone is such that finding even the smallest of pieces is considered a good day’s find. Most all of the land where "Ellensburg Blue” is found is private and inaccessible.

The color of the Ellensburg Blue Agate ranges from a light sky blue through a cornflower blue to an almost purple royal blue. Clouds, streaks, or bands may occur in the agate and graduates from nearly opaque to transparent.

The hardness of any stone is measured on the MOHs scale of 1 to 10. One being Talc and ten diamond. Using this measurement, “Ellensburg Blue” will test out at from 7.5 to 8.3 or harder on the scale.
Because of its singular qualities and limited quantity, the Ellensburg Blue Agate has been re-classified by many gemologists to be a precious gem.
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Kittitas Indian Points

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Rough Ellensburg Blue Agate

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