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© 2007 Blueagates.com  Ellensburg Blue agate
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Ellensburg Blue Agate


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Blueagates.com is dedicated to providing photos and information on Ellensburg Blue Agate. 

I am not a rock shop or jeweler, just a passionate Ellensburg Blue hunter and collector. Welcome & I hope you enjoy my website.

Drusy Ellensburg Blue - drusy info at www.DrusyAgate.com

© 2006 Blueagates.com Ellensburg Blue Agate
As rare as it gets. . . .Drusy Botryoidal Ellensburg Blue agate!

© 2006 Blueagates.com Ellensburg Blue agate
Chunk of Ellensburg Blue with polished end so we can peek inside

© 2006 Blueagates.com Ellensburg Blue Agate

© 2006 Blueagates.com Ellensburg Blue Agate

© 2006 Blueagates.com Ellensburg Blue Agate

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